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Mobile-first blogger-centric child theme. Widget-based homepage. Beautiful forms & comments. Hueman Hueman screenshot Developer Starter

Mobile-first, Sass-ified, Gulp/Grunt-ready starter child theme for developers. Developer Starter

The Difference

For years, people have shown me sites that they wanted their sites to look like. They were either just a stand-alone theme with horrible, bloated code, or they were so nice, potential customers couldn't afford my rate.

I'm changing all of that.

The first consumer theme released is a conversion of one of the most popular of all time, averaging thousands of downloads per day. You want this for Genesis, trust me. We're calling it Hueman, as a nod to its original name as a stand-alone theme.

Also available is a clean, fast, bare Genesis starter child theme for developers. It's mobile-first Sass with Gulp out of the box and Grunt-ready. Only one license: an unlimited developer license. Check out Developer Starter

Since you're here, I'm going to assume you know why Genesis Framework is the what everyone is using because of its features, ease, and speed... but if not, read more about it and then continue.

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Who Is Behind

Jesse Petersen teaching at Treehouse

There are well over a dozen theme shops for Genesis out there now, so why would you want to pick mine? Mainly because who I am comes through in my work. I don't like doing things halfway and I don't put my name on things I'm not proud of. In fact, that is the main reason I haven't put out a theme yet — until now.

I don't like doing things halfway and I don't put my name on things I'm not proud of.

The time is once again right to enter the marketplace.

Personally, I've been coding customizations to WordPress themes for 10 years now and have provided dozens of clients with custom themes for single-use purposes. As a Genesis-preferred developer for 7 years, the fine folks at StudioPress trust me with their customers to treat them right and do excellent work and I'm often personally recommended by the StudioPress founder, Brian Gardner, himself when asked for a referral..

At the end of 2014, the fine folks at Treehouse released my first WordPress course under their label: Genesis Framework Foundations. In March of 2015 we wrapped up studio work for Modern WordPress Workflow and Genesis Theme Development was released in August 2015. As one of the faces of the Genesis community, you know I'm not a fly-by-night developer who's going to take your money and run.